Josef Seifert, Pure Logic, and the Beginning of the Official Persecution of Orthodoxy within the Church

Claudio Pierantoni


In this article, we show that the presupposition behind the recent decision of the Archbishop of Granada to dismiss Prof. Josef Seifert from his position at the “Dietrich von Hildebrand Chair for Realist Phenomenology” at the IAP-IFES for criticizing one paragraph of Amoris Laetitia (no. 303) is a false one. In fact, it is based on the assumption that the doctrine contained in this paragraph and its immediate context, which seems to contradict the doctrine of Veritatis Splendor about the existence of acts which are intrinsically wrong (intrinsece malum), could now be considered as a part of the authentic Magisterium of the Church, and therefore to call it into doubt would be a sin against the Papacy and the communion of the Church. In the light of this, by the official punishment of a Catholic thinker for the sole crime of defending an orthodox doctrine, it is confirmed, and thrown into clear relief, that the Catholic Church is suffering from a practical schism, because of grave errors that have been introduced into a papal document.

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